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Product Introduction

CART air compressor widely used in all walks of life globally,mainly including Electronics, electricity, water and electricity, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, pharmacy, food, aviation, shipbuilding, war industry, scientific research, wood, textile, printing, glass, construction, building materials etcs.
CART air compressor apply to kinds of compressed air system of various of purposes. No matter which industry&no matter how big or small size,all reply on CART air compressor because of its consistent&high quality compressed air.

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working principle

According to pressure swing adsorption principle, CNH refrigerated dryer is a compressed air drying device. Adsorption compressed air under pressure in the water, the compressed air to give a dry, purged with a portion of dry compressed air at reduced pressure adsorbents, the adsorbent is regenerated, the two towers alternating with each other, resulting in the drying cycle using compressed air, the compressed air pressure dew point is different, choose different adsorbents, commonly used adsorbents have activated alumina, molecular sieve.


reasonable adsorption tower structural design, with Lens function, intuitive use of the adsorbent work to ensure supply quality.

Set up automatic filling pressure equalizing process steps, reducing airflow impact on the adsorbent, the adsorbent will not pulverized.

Adopt imported PLC program controller, LCD, user-friendly design, touch keys, and automatic temperature control module, and work adjustment based on working time and the heating temperature regeneration

Technical index

■  Nitrogen gas flow:1~3000Nm3/h
■  Nitrogen gas purity:95~99.999%
■  Adsorption pressure:0.5-1.2MPa
■  Nitrogen  pressure:0.1-1.0MPa (Adjustable
■  Nitrogen gas dew point:-400C OR - 600C

Flow Chart

CHN-A type nitrogen equipment (99.5%N2)

CHN-B type nitrogen equipment (99.9%N2)

CHN-C type nitrogen equipment (99.99%N2)

CHN-D type nitrogen equipment (99.999%N2)

CHN-E type nitrogen equipment (99.99%N2)

CHN-F type nitrogen equipment (99%N2)

Note: 1 . Above data all based on 0.8Mpa(Gage pressure),environmental temperature 38℃,under 1 standard atmospheric pressure and relative humidity of 80%.

2.Please inquire and request detailed information if you note uninvolved model or designn condition changed.











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