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Product Introduction

CART air compressor widely used in all walks of life globally,mainly including Electronics, electricity, water and electricity, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, pharmacy, food, aviation, shipbuilding, war industry, scientific research, wood, textile, printing, glass, construction, building materials etcs.
CART air compressor apply to kinds of compressed air system of various of purposes. No matter which industry&no matter how big or small size,all reply on CART air compressor because of its consistent&high quality compressed air.

CART compressed air filter  >  

■   Piston filter core and shell sealed ,prevent unfiltered gas bypass filter.
 Corrosion resistant filter,stainless stell filter enhance the structure performance,low gas resistance,adopt seam welding in order to improve strength.
■   New"Matrix hybrid fiber" medium,large effective area,improve the filtering rate,ensure high efficiency,large open area,reducing the pressure drop as far as possible.
■   Closed style foam coating sleeve,prevent chemical corrosion of oil and acids,prevent regrouped liquid remix with air flow,ensure high efficiency filtration.
■    End cover of chemical corrosion resistant affixed eith medium by special aadhesive.      

■   Does not contain silicone resin.        

■   Can bear up to 66℃.

American HANKISON series of filter core parameters

 CART ultrafilter parameter

Note: 1.  Maxium working pressure:  16kgf/cm2  
 2.please contact CART for The Maxium working pressure or special standard filter.

CART Compressed air system flow chart
CART compressed air after-treatment equipment help you reduce Moisture,dust,oil contect and peculiar smell,guarantee your air equipment acquire  oil-free,water-free and smell-free,satisfy the high standard air demand of all walks of life.CART supply you with customized compressed air system,help you acquire optimal compressed air solution.We offer you high quality and high efficient after-treatment equipment in order you can purchase one time.
Untreated&without drying purification treatment compressed air of moisture may cause:
■   Pipeline corrosion   

  Gas equipment damage or reduced production efficiency  

■  Affect your product quality












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