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Product Introduction

CART air compressor is widely used in all kinds of industries around the world, including electronics, electricity, water, electricity, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, aviation, shipbuilding, military, scientific research, wood, textile, printing, glass, construction, building materials and other fields.
A air compressor is suitable for various uses of the series of compressed air system. All walks of life, regardless of size, are dependent on a compressed air compressor to provide quality consistent from beginning to end.

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Oil free screw compressor in high precision electronic, chip, textile, chemical fiber, food, national defense, medical and health, sophisticated manufacturing and other high-tech industry are widely used. Carter company OFC series oil-free pressure screw compressor, can meet the above industry customers on air quality the higher requirements.
A screw compressor is the international famous manufacturers, has many years of experience in cooperation with the German GHH-RAND company. OFC series screw air compressor oil, is the crystallization of the latest technology and quartes GHH-RAND cooperation. The introduction of the unit CD GHH-RAND series head and oil free screw technology, so that the performance and reliability of OFC series reached the international advanced level.

Advanced CD series head
integrated rotor, gear, machine body, oil tank, oil pump is equal to one.
body with cooling oil surface cooling, improve the compression efficiency.
A reliable seal in each rotor, absolutely no oil into the compression chamber, ensure compressed air without oil.
3/4 patented rotor teeth with high efficiency, low noise, good reliability.
The surface of the rotor - super coating, high efficiency, prolong the service life of the machine.

Unparalleled rotor
3/4 gear rotor - patent optimization, fully expanded volume flow.
Super - coating (non Teflon material), high temperature resistance, excellent sliding properties. Protection mode and performance of super coating
- improved and tested for many years, GHH-RAND has chosen a special coating - Super coating. It shows amazing adhesion and durability in all relevant test.
- are treated with super coating on a rotor and a seat surface.

You can see on the right, after surface treatment, coating firmly adhered to the surface of the rotor or the unit.
Super - Coating by the robot automatic spraying technology, thin and uniform.
In the rotor and base after heat treatment, the coating with the rotor or stand more firmly the adhesion.
In comparison with other coatings, super coating is superior.

Because of the super coating, our air compressor exhaust capacity can reach 100%, and the operating cost is low, and the main service life is long.

The main features of OFC oil free screw air compressor
We provide air / water - two units for you, for your choice.
Exergy OFC unit of the main parts from rust material composition, so that unit performance lasting stability, ensure you have a high quality of the compressed air.
In the design to take into account the high temperature environment, the unit maximum ambient temperature at 46 DEG C can still run normally.
Discharge - Zr unit is arranged in order, under the panel can realize all the parts of the daily maintenance and maintenance is very convenient.
Exergy intake silencer and mute cover the noise down to the lowest, and each level compression plays a buffer role of venturi pipe, which can further reduces the noise, and to ensure that the air discharged smoothly. Water cooled unit noise in the 76 dB (A) below, air-cooled units in 79dB (A) following.

special motor, IP54, insulation class F, can long time overload operation, reliable quality.

In the PLC control, the HMI control panel, easy operation. Operating parameters can be adjusted, data display, fault diagnosis.

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