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Talent strategy

Welcome to join Cart

CART is recognized worldwide as the most outstanding air system solutions provider, every day we will greatly small world challenges, and we have a strong corporate culture, thanks to share common experiences and knowledge of all the staff, innovation in spirit and attention to the customer. Therefore, to thrive here, you need to understand our culture: care (Heart to Heart).

In quartes, you will have a successful occupation in a way, we are very concerned about the development of your ability. The reason we are concerned: without your personal growth, we cannot improve our business or solution. At the same time, we are focusing on leadership development, because we know, that is you grow up, and you grow, is our growth. Welcome to contact with our leadership, listen to their leadership on quartes understanding.

In Carterton, your master in your own hands -- at Charterhouse, you and your manager each year will be evaluated and discussed what else are you existing target need to continue to follow up, and set new goals and work hard.

If you think you are the right person for the job vacancy, please sent directly through job advertisements in the application. Please include the following information in the application:

1 please write clearly stated position title or position reference in the subject line of the email.

2 please explain why you are suitable for this job.

3 please briefly explain your experience in the cover letter.

4 please make sure that your resume is concise and clear.

5 don't forget to provide your name and contact information.

6 please check grammar and spelling.

7 inform us of your contact information and the right contact time.











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