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Corporate Culture

- our vision:
We to provide quality products and services for the vision, using the expertise and experience to the field of mechanical engineering help users in different regions to provide high quality technical services, products and solutions.
To deal with the growing challenges of climate change and response to the United Nations call for dealing with the global climate warming, Carter will continue to research and development and production the international advanced energy-saving products and solutions. Such as frequency conversion technology, permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion technology to help customers to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, to create the best social, economic and environmental benefits. Kalt's contribution to energy conservation and emission reduction is equivalent to 1 million square feet per year.

- social responsibility:
As the leader in the industry, we always advocate the social responsibility of the enterprise, Carter to create profits for shareholders responsible also undertake to employees, consumers, social and environmental responsibility, including compliance with business ethics, environmental protection, support charity, the donor community, the protection of vulnerable groups such as.

-In the enterprise culture:
Heart to Heart

-The concept of integrity:
The concept of integrity throughout in Carter's production manufacturing, sales and service, human resources and enterprise management activities, since the company since the establishment of credit has permanently as Celtic code of conduct in the benchmark. In the era of this in today's society, most people lack of belief, money and things, Celtic believe that honesty is more important than the development of enterprises.

-In the service concept:
Carter became the user's final choice, thanks to our unsung efforts and meticulous service, because we always believe that pay equal to return.











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