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Product Introduction

CART portable screw compressors

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CART air compressor is widely used in all kinds of industries around the world, including electronics, electricity, water, electricity, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, aviation, shipbuilding, military, scientific research, wood, textile, printing, glass, construction, building materials and other fields.
A air compressor is suitable for various uses of the series of compressed air system. All walks of life, regardless of size, are dependent on a compressed air compressor to provide quality consistent from beginning to end.

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Product Introduction
Excellent performance of the twin screw host
The international top level of Celtic original third generation asymmetric type line double screw host, axial inlet design, efficiency than the second generation increased by 5 to 15; configuration Sweden SKF heavy load bearing, double lip seal, reliable and durable. Bearing design service life of 80 thousand ~10 million hours, the screw host design service life of about 200 thousand hours.

Efficient and reliable export type moto

Carterton screw air compressor with efficient and reliable export type continuous duty motor, through 3C, CE certification, protection class IP54, F class insulation rating, standard SKF heavy load bearing, reliable and durable.

Efficient and reliable engine by Yuchai, Cummings and other famous brands;

Efficient and reliable, intelligent, ultra low noise, ultra low emission, convenient maintenance, after-sales service in a timely manner.

Diesel protable screw air compressor characteristic
1. Air end: The Third Generation 5: 6 large diameter rotor design, host and diesel engine by highly flexible coupling directly connected, with no overdrive gear, host speed diesel consistent with higher transmission efficiency, reliability and better and longer life.
2, diesel engine: the choice of Cummins, Yuchai and other domestic brand diesel engines, in line with the country Ⅱ emission requirements, strong power, low fuel consumption, there is a nationwide service system, the user can be obtained quickly, and improve services.
3, the air control system is simple and reliable, depending on the size of gas consumption, the intake air quantity conducted from 0 to 100% automatic adjustment, automatically adjusting engine throttle to maximize the saving of diesel.
4, microcomputer intelligent monitoring the compressor discharge pressure, exhaust temperature, engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature, tank level and other operating parameters, with automatic alarm and shutdown protection.
5, multi-stage air filter for dusty working environment; multi-stage fuel filters for the status of domestic fuel quality; large oil cooler, suitable for high temperature, especially in harsh environments such as high-altitude plateau.
6, user-friendly design, requiring maintenance and spare parts are available within range, maintenance of air filters, oil filters, fuel tanks, batteries and oil coolers convenient easy, reducing downtime.
7, Easy mobility, can still be protable and flexible in rough terrain. Each compressor configuration rings, safe and convenient for hoisting and transportation.

  Technical parameters of electric moving screw air compressor

Electric portable screw air compressor characteristic
1, high reliability: less compressor parts, no wearing parts, so it reliable operation, long life, overhaul interval of up to 8 to 100,000 hours.
2, convenient operation and maintenance: high degree of automation, operators do not have to go through a long period of professional training, enabling unattended operation.
3, the power balance is good: no unbalanced inertia force, can smooth high-speed operation can be realized without basic operation, small size, light weight, small footprint.
4, strong adaptability: a mandatory gas transmission characteristics, volume flow is almost unaffected by exhaust pressure, over a wide speed range can maintain high efficiency. CART electric mobile screw air compressor, power range 55 ~ 250kW, displacement range of 10 ~ 27m3 / min.

  Technical parameters of electric moving screw air compressor

  • Air cooling screw compressor flow chart

    Tracheal road system:

    1. air filter、 2.inlet valve、 3.Air end、5.Oil and gas separator 、6.Minimum pressure valve、 7.After-cooler 、8.gas water separator

    Pipeline system:

    2. Air end 4. Oil filter 5.Oil and gas separator 9.oil cooler


    Water cooling screw compressor flow chart

    Tracheal road system:

    1. air filter 、2.inlet valve 、3. Air end 、4.Oil and gas separator 7.Minimum pressure valve 、8.After-cooler 、10.gas water separator.

    Pipeline system:

    3. Air end 4. Oil and gas separator 5. Oil filter 6. Thermostatic valves(water cooling) 9. oil cooler

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