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Product Introduction

CART Oil free scroll air compressor

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CART air compressor is widely used in all kinds of industries around the world, including electronics, electricity, water, electricity, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, aviation, shipbuilding, military, scientific research, wood, textile, printing, glass, construction, building materials and other fields.
A air compressor is suitable for various uses of the series of compressed air system. All walks of life, regardless of size, are dependent on a compressed air compressor to provide quality consistent from beginning to end.

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Oil free scroll air compressor

1、multi-functional, intelligent full automatic controller, easy to operate, the daily work simply by START-STOP "switch, mechanical working state, such as current, pressure, temperature and other information display;

2、the main engine compression chamber does not contain any grease, compressed gas clean without pollution;
3、low noise, can be the nearest direct gas supply, saving pipeline laying, reduce the loss of transmission energy consumption;
4、 no contact operation, no wearing parts, exhaust continuous and stable;
5、maintenance cost is very low, just normal maintenance clean filter can;
6、energy efficiency of more than 90%, compared with other models of energy efficiency and energy efficiency of more than 15%.

Technical parameters of oil free scroll air compressor

oil free scroll air compressor Characteristics

1、there is no oil in the air system, carbon pollution, cleaner;
2、less moving parts, simple structure, high reliability, long service life;
3、no need to replace the lubricating oil and its oil filter, no waste disposal problems, more environmentally friendly;
4、when the work is not in contact with the static and dynamic vortex plate, small vibration, low noise;
5、the operating cost is very low, you can save thousands of yuan per year for the electricity;
6、almost no wearing parts, maintenance work is very little, maintenance cost is lower;
7、multi machine intelligent compound control mode, adjusted according to the situation of the job site compressed air usage, sequential start / stop control, to prevent the consumption with no load starting power.

scroll air compressor Compression principle

Dynamic vortex disk in accordance with the rotations of the order below No.1, No.2, No.3, No.4, so with point symmetry at the position of the crescent shaped compression cavity capacity will gradually decrease, gas compression from the center of the Ministry of the exhaust port discharge.

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