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Product Introduction

CART Heat recovery of air compressor system

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CART air compressor is widely used in all kinds of industries around the world, including electronics, electricity, water, electricity, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, aviation, shipbuilding, military, scientific research, wood, textile, printing, glass, construction, building materials and other fields.
A air compressor is suitable for various uses of the series of compressed air system. All walks of life, regardless of size, are dependent on a compressed air compressor to provide quality consistent from beginning to end.

CART Heat recovery  of air compressor system  >  

For oil-less screw compressors, approximately 90% of the energy is converted into heat loss after compression,CART heat recovery system can guarantee under the premise of the performance of the compressor does not have any impact on the recovery in the form of hot water or warm about the 70% of energy, can save a lot of energy for eternity.

Flow chart

Compressor heat recovery applications
1, sanitation and industrial cleaning water heating;
2, warehouses, workshops and other places of heating systems;
3, process heating;
4, restaurant and a large dining room;
5, the food industry;
6, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry;
7, drying processes.

compressor heat recovery systemcharacteristic
1, low investment costs, high returns;
2, designed to help design Carthusian group by the United States, can be adapted to all oil-injected screw compressor;
3, to ensure the stability of the air compressor is running;
4, automatic control and monitor water temperature; and is able to precisely control the output of the hot water temperature;
5, having a plate and tube exchanger are two options, suitable for different water quality;
6, to provide the overall transformation of the air compressor heat recovery solutions;
7, to provide equal air compressor factory warranty.

Compressor heat recovery system options
1, plate heat exchanger
2, tube heat exchanger
3, mechanical energy meter
4, electric temperature control valve


Technical parameters of heat recovery system for air compressor

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