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Product Introduction

CART permanent magnet synchronous variable frequency SCREW AIR compressor

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CART air compressor is widely used in all kinds of industries around the world, including electronics, electricity, water, electricity, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, aviation, shipbuilding, military, scientific research, wood, textile, printing, glass, construction, building materials and other fields.
A air compressor is suitable for various uses of the series of compressed air system. All walks of life, regardless of size, are dependent on a compressed air compressor to provide quality consistent from beginning to end.

CART permanent magnet synchronous variable frequency SCREW AIR compressor

The Superior Performance of the Third Generation Screw Air-End

The PMC series adopt world-top third generation screw air end, original Germany SKF bearing. The service life of our bearing surpasses 100,000 hours; and the service life of the air end is up to 200,000 hours. The highly precise abrasive processes and advanced assembly processes secure the high efficiency, low energy waste and great durability of CART’s screw air end. Having stood tens of thousands of tests from users and extreme conditions, CART has won consistent praise of its clients. At present, CART has been regarded as one of the most respected brands of compressors.


The Optimized Design of the Transmission System

PM motor and air end were tightly connected by one shaft — 100% transmission efficiency.
No motor bearing — no need of motor maintenance.

High Efficient and Reliable Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Synchronous Variable Frequency Air Compressor Motor

IPM Permanent Magnet High efficient Synchronous Variable Frequency Motor

High efficiency and great performance IPM motor together with the newest wide -range of permanent magnet variable frequency control system has presented remarkable energy-saving effect that general ones could not reach. Compared to general variable frequency motor, IPM motor can save more than 7% energy.
The motor and air end are directly integrated into one body, lowering transmission energy-consumption, achieving high efficiency.


Rotating magnetic field generated by AC drove stator coil drives the rotation of the magnet.


Rotating magnetic field generated by AC drove stator coil produces the current in the rotor (the secondary conductor), which drives the rotor to rotate.

Permanent magnet synchronous variable frequency motor features as low rotating speed and high output, so its frequency control system is more  widely applied than general one. Besides, it breaks the limits of general motor (variable frequency or not) when starts or stops the motor:
The motor can be suddenly started after the shutdown;
The start-stops will not decrease the motor’s service life;
The starting current is less than 100% full-load current.

1、The Motor of Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency Presents Higher Efficiency Than That of General One

Compared to general motor, the permanent magnet synchronous motor   performs with excellent energy efficiency.

2、The Efficiency of Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Motor Under All Sorts of Rotating Speed Is Above

The PM motor still maintains a high efficiency especially under the low speed.

3、High Stability of the PM Motor

The PM synchronous motor adopts highly efficient NdFeB permanent magnet. No loss of magnet in 120℃. Its service life surpasses 15 years.
The stator coil adopts special inverter corona resistant enameled wire. Insulation performance, longer service life.The motor has the advantages of small volume, simple frequency conversion motor1/3, saving space. Unique patented installation can be disassembled instantly and conveniently.

Details of the Refined Design

1、Refined Triple Separation

 Gas-Oil Separator

The highly efficient gas-oil separator presents triple separation of centrifugal, gravity and filtration, leading the remaining of diesel
First Separation: Centrifugal

The mixture of compressed air inside the compressor and the oil revolve in the separator under the centrifugal force.

Second Separation: Gravity

After the centrifugal separation, the gas-oil mixture punches the inside wall of gas-oil container and flow to the bottom of the container.
At the bottom, the magnetic filter removes the iron powder and other small metals sucked together with air, preventing the scratch on the filter.
Third Separation: Filtration

It adopts the folding oil-gas separator to increase the area.
With the fiber as the main body, the cylinder filter collects the pneumatolytic lubricant from

2、Efficient Oil Filter

Adopts Highly Efficient Oil Filter

The extra large area of glass fibre oil filter secures the high efficiency, cleanness of the oil. Besides, it extends the service life of the oil and the elements inside the air compressor.

3、High-Quality Efficient Suction Filter

The Adoption of Giant Efficient Suction Filter

As the dust-purification solution, the premium suction filter decreases the pressure loss and prolong the cleaning time under the effect of giant efficient suction filter;
Double separation of centrifugal and filtration;

4、Refined Design of Noise-Reduction System

Low Noise

The use of newest FEM analysis, new design and acoustic material lower the noise to the extreme during the operation.
The noise of sound pressure, tone quality and volume has been fully considered. The use of acoustic panel and Sound insulation ventilation hood lowers the noise of the machine, reaching the lowest among the level compressors.

5、The Design of No-Leakage Pipeline System

No-Leakage Design

Standard SAE O-type sealing ring completely prevents leakage.

6、Refined Design of Cooling System

Efficient Cooler

The oil-cooler and after cooler operate separately to raise the efficiency as well as to prevent the damage of coolers caused by humidity difference. In this way, the machine’s service life is prolonged.

7 、Application Under High Temperature

115°F/46℃温度115 Degree F/ 46 Degrees Celsius Temperature

Consideration of extreme temperature before manufacturing enables our compressors normal working condition all over the world. This kind of high temperature resistance design meantime prevents the halt phenomenon caused by abnormal working of the cooler.

8、Chinese-English Color Touch Screen Microcomputer LCD

The controlling system of CART screw air compressors adopts the chinese-English color touch screen microcomputer LCD, supporting multi-machine remote control without attendance.

微电脑控制器的功能特点Features of the Microcomputer Controller

(1) Chinese-English screen;
(2) It protects short circuit, increases rotation, default phase, overload and imbalance;
(3)  It controls the start-stop and working of the motor;
(4) It protects the compressor from anti-reversal;
(5) It detects and controls the multi-point temperature.;
(6) Self-adjusting of load rate to balance the pressure;
(7) Remote control/ control nearby the machine;
(8) multi-machines/independent operation;
(9) The RS-485 communication;
(10) The GPRS mobile phone remote control communication function (optional).

Microcomputer Controller's Alerting and Reminding

(1) The indication of pressure difference and alerting of changing of air-filter;
(2) The indication of pressure difference and alerting of changing of oil-filter;
(3) The indication of pressure difference and alerting of the changing of gas-oil separator;
(4) The indication of the changing of lubricant.

The Protection of Microcomputer Controller

(1) The protection of the motor: the air compressor controller protects short circuit, increases rotation, default phase, overload and imbalance.
(2) The over-temperature protection: when the exhaust gas temperature is higher than the preset temperature, the controller alerts. Fault display—“high exhaust temperature field”.
(3) Protection of air compressor’s reversal: when the three-phase power inserted into the air compressor differs from the settled one of the controller, fault display---“phase sequence error”. The controller cannot start the motor. At this time, the exchange of two-phase power and the check of motor rotating direction will do.
(4) Protection of over-pressure: when the exhaust pressure is higher than the pressure limits, the controller alerts to stop the machine. Fault display—“high exhaust pressure”.
(5) Protection of sensor failure: when the pressure sensor or the temperature sensor breaks, the controller alerts to halt the machine. Fault display—“sensor failure”.
(6) Multi-machine protection: while the air end works, and the exhaust temperature reaches up to the starting temperature of the fan, but the fan doesn’t work, the controller alerts to stop the machine. Fault


1、 The World-Leading Air Flow Capacity and Input Power Density

By continuingly optimizing rotor type line and the inner structure, the air flow capacity of our screw air end reaches world-top level. The adoption of refined permanent magnetic motor guarantees the national level of energy efficiency of the whole machine.

2、The Microcomputer Controller System Adopts the Closed-Loop Control

The microcomputer controller system adopts the closed-loop control. Variable frequency-controlling, self-adjusting of air flow, load startup, soft starter, auto standby etc.

3、 One Shaft Structure

The permanent magnetic motor and air end are connected by one shaft, tightening the structure, making the 100% transmission efficiency.
No motor bearing: the rotor equipped with permanent magnet is directly installed in the male rotor. This type of structure uses no bearing,

4、Efficient Permanent Magnetic Motor

1, Efficient PM motor performs better in energy-saving than general motors.
2, Especially when the motor runs slowly, the PM motor can still function efficiently.
3, The PM motor adopts efficient NdFeB permanent magnet. No magnet losing under 120 ℃.
4, The stator coil adopts special inverter corona resistant enameled wire. Insulation performance, longer service life.
5, Soft starter: During the runtime, the motor current is lower than full-load current; meantime to a great extend minimizing the shock to the equipment.
6, Small volume: the motor is of small size, 1/3 the size of the normal variable frequency motors. Easily to be assembled and disassembled.
5、 Prevention of Busywork Loss
The pressure sensor detects the pressure of the outlet, and transfers the signal to PLC. The PLC then controls the output frequency of the inverter, achieving the continual variable frequency. Once the pressure goes higher, it lowers the output frequency; once the pressure goes lower, it raises the output frequency. When the system needs no air, the inverter comes to sleep mode. Once the system pressure fluctuates, the soft starter smoothly produces air, completely preventing energy waste.
6、Wider Range of Working Frequency, Low Noise
The frequency ranges from 25% to 100%. The wider fluctuation, the higher energy-efficiency.
Under normal operation, the noise level is 67 db, guaranteeing its application in all sorts of situations.
7、The Comparison of Costs
As for purchasing sir compressor, the traditional cost (purchasing cost + maintenance cost) takes up only 25% of the whole cost whereas the energy-consumption cost reaches 75%.

Analysis of Energy-Saving Effect

Ordinary variable frequency air compressor saves around 20%-30% energy in comparison with power frequency air compressor;
However, CART permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor saves as much as 30%-40% energy compared to ordinary power frequency air compressor.

1, For instance, an ordinary 75KW air compressor supposed that working 8000 hours with 0.62 Yuan RMB per Kilowatt hour standard, then the whole year's electric fee is 75KW*8000hours*0.62Yuan/KW•h,that is 372000 RMB.
2, Averagely, CART 75KW permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor save around 35% electric fee, in that way, the final electric fee is only 130200 RMB.
3,Return on investment: about 1 year, checking energy-saving charge on the base of 8000 hours standard per year.The electric-saving performance is as follow:

PMC Series Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency SCREW AIR Compressor Technical Data

F.A.D is tested in accordance with ISO1217 standard( GB/T3853) in load.CART's PMC is for both air cooling and water cooling. Related parameters could be got from the specific salesman.

  • Air cooling screw compressor flow chart

    Tracheal road system:

    1. air filter、 2.inlet valve、 3.Air end、5.Oil and gas separator 、6.Minimum pressure valve、 7.After-cooler 、8.gas water separator

    Pipeline system:

    2. Air end 4. Oil filter 5.Oil and gas separator 9.oil cooler


    Water cooling screw compressor flow chart

    Tracheal road system:

    1. air filter 、2.inlet valve 、3. Air end 、4.Oil and gas separator 7.Minimum pressure valve 、8.After-cooler 、10.gas water separator.

    Pipeline system:

    3. Air end 4. Oil and gas separator 5. Oil filter 6. Thermostatic valves(water cooling) 9. oil cooler

Typical Configuration

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