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Congratulations to CART for the successful completion of the 2015 Xiamen Institute of Technology

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Approved by the Ministry of Commerce, has been successfully held the eighth session of the "cross straits machinery electronic commodity trading and Xiamen to Taiwan import and Export Commodities Fair" from 2015 onwards officially changed its name to "Xiamen Industrial Exposition and on both sides of the Taiwan Straits mechanical electronic commodity trading".

The current Xiamen industry Fair will be 85000 square meters of exhibition area, set 4000 international standard booths, equipped with machine, automation and industrial robots, mould, rubber industry, engineering machinery, surface treatment, print ads and other 7 professional exhibition. Will be held in the same period of 2015 Chinese (Xiamen) International Construction Machinery & Commercial Auto and cross strait consumer electronics show.

During the exhibition will also be held on both sides of the Taiwan Straits Economic and trade forum, the first cross-strait industrial cooperation and development forum, intelligent automation of cross-strait industry trend forum, the eighth cross-strait flat display a series of industrial cooperation forum, on both sides of the Taiwan Straits e-commerce Summit Forum seminar activities, and cross-strait trade and investment docking meeting and cross-strait agricultural exchanges matchmaking project docking activities.

Carterton Compressor Co., Ltd. anqing marketing line on 15 April 2015 on 12 April 2015, participating in the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, Carter screw air compressor in the exhibition become a new bright spot, attract the buyers all over the stopped to visit to learn and understand. The performance of a superior product and advanced control methods, won the majority of exhibitors and experts praise. Fujian TV, Xiamen TV news programs are a set of a compressor to do a presentation.











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