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How to choose and purchase of air compressor, how to plan the system after the purchase of air compressor

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How to choose and buy air compressor? After the purchase of air compressor system, how to plan? Anqing - quartes

Many users don't know how to choose and buy air compressor after I do not know how to plan the air compressor system planning.

Customers in air compressor before buying must be the type and character of short press to do some understanding, do a system planning, otherwise it will cause serious consequences, this paper gives a summary of some harm.

How to choose and buy air compressor?

A, purchase only take into account the machines are cheap, use found that poor quality, unstable running, downtime for a long time, resulting in production line downtime losses.

B, purchasing only consider the operation stability, ignoring the energy consumption ratio, resulting in a huge waste of days and months multiplying.

C, procurement ignored the supplier quality of after-sales service, troubleshooting not arrived in time, spare parts procurement inconvenience are caused by the unnecessary loss.

After the purchase of air compressor system, how to plan?

A, the compressor capacity is too large, resulting in a high waste of air compressor no-load energy.

B, filter installed too much pressure loss, high energy waste.

C, air compressor not centralized gas supply, but scattered configuration around the plant, pipeline independently, both to increase equipment acquisition cost, but also increase the cost of pipeline, management cost and operation cost.

D, air compressor room temperature is too high, the equivalent of reducing air compressor efficiency, exhaust volume reduction, energy consumption increased. Ambient temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, equivalent to the air compressor efficiency is reduced by about 3%.

E, pipeline layout is not reasonable, elbow joints too much, increase the pressure loss.

More than the purchase method of air compressor and system planning specific knowledge.











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