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Industry Dynamics

"Made in China 2025" program approved the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry strides

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"Made in China" breakout soon

In April 28th, the State Council Information Office held a press conference. Spokesman of the Ministry of industry and Information Technology Wang Liming said, "China manufacturing 2025 strategic planning is very important and has a strategic milestone planning, attaches great importance to the Ministry of industry, and the relevant departments of several studies.

Manufacturing transformation and upgrading is essential. Recently released Chinese Academy of Engineering "manufacturing power" strategy of comprehensive volume to construct the evaluation index system of manufacturing power. According to this index system analysis in major industrial countries in the world, ahead of the American manufacturing industry, in the first phalanx; Germany and Japan in the second phalanx; China, Britain, France, South Korea in the third phalanx.

"A new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution is on the rise, China's manufacturing industry development facing developed countries gaining dominance and emerging economies to catch up with the competition of the two extrusion and dual challenge." Chinese Academy of Engineering Liu Baicheng said in an interview with the media.

There are three more prominent problems in the manufacturing industry of our country: first, innovation ability is not strong; the second is the core technology is weak, the absence of common technology; the third is the waste of resources and serious pollution.

Zhu Gaofeng, former vice president of Chinese Academy of engineering has said, to create China's manufacturing upgrades, intelligent, green, service is three developing directions.

Overall program is expected to be released as soon as possible

"Made in China 2025" overall program has been considered by the executive meeting of the state council. According to the introduction, "made in China 2025 proposed China power shift from manufacturing manufacturing power" three steps to walk "the strategy: the first ten years into the world powers; the second ten years to enter the world powers in a; the third decade that 2045 into the leading position in the world power, eventually in the one hundred anniversary of the founding of the new China become a powerful manufacturing.

It is reported that China made 2025 focus on the first ten years of the objectives and tasks to do a specific deployment. To achieve the goal needs to mobilize the forces of all aspects to promote. Specific measures include the establishment of the national manufacturing power construction leading group, to develop "plan 1+X" and planning system.

Ministry sources said earlier that "made in China 2025 plan to the top-level design, key industries, and other binding pattern of" 1 + 10, content except the transformation and upgrading, industrialization, information technology integration of two of the depth was also mentioned in the focus.

It is understood that the planning proposed nine tasks, ten key areas and five major projects. The nine tasks including raising national manufacturing industry innovation ability; ten key areas including for the field of a new generation of information and communication technology industry, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, bio medicine, five key projects including national manufacturing industry innovation center construction, intelligent system and so on.

Ministry of CCID think-tank experts Lin believes that the planning, once released, will be the future ten years domestic manufacturing industry transformation and upgrade of a guide to action.

Smart manufacturing will become an important path

In a press conference the same day, Wang Liming also said that Ministry of industry will focus on the recent with intelligent manufacturing, strong industrial base, green manufacturing, high-end equipment innovation and national manufacturing innovation center construction five major projects, combined with the Internet and information use, "2025" organization, and implementation of good Chinese manufacture, play a more and more important role.

More and more enterprises are actively involved in the manufacturing industry upgrade transformation, many enterprises have explored the transition path suited to their own development.

Not long ago, Shenyang machine tool, digital China, Tsinghua Electronic Commerce Technology National Engineering Laboratory, industry letter Ministry of Electronic Industry Institute of standardization, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Shanghai and industry and Trade University, transmission Xu Changyuandong axis, Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Company, co founded the "China manufacturing 2025 intelligent industrial innovation alliance". Members of the alliance will focus on unit and intelligent technology, industry technology, information management technology, data exchange standards and norms, e-commerce, intelligent factory, smart city, digital financial field to carry out relevant research and practice verification.

The United States Air conditioning has been carried out in the country's six production bases in the transformation and upgrading of automated manufacturing. Wu beautiful new home air conditioning division president revealed that the next five years, beauty will also in the field of automation input 50 billion yuan, of manufacturing system, a comprehensive upgrade.












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